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Korra who has lost all memory of the break up kisses mako, mako asks if she is still mad at him, tells korra about the fight and lies about it by saying it wasnt that bad. All i know is, if a break happens at all, by the time korra wraps in book 4, theyll be together again because mako is korra s forever boy, and the creators undoubtedly want their baby to live happily ever after with the boy they are honoring the late mako iwamatsu with. The whole thing with asami and him was left floating in space. While on the ship, mako told asami about he and korras split. Download file summary of the legend of korra episode 8 remembrances at the sato estate, mako teaches wu how to protect himself from his enemies, but wu was too nervous and fell down when mako little punched him. The second book of the legend of korra opens with a return to the southern water tribe, where avatar korra learns that family drama may be the reason behind the imbalance in the spirit world. Korra and asami break up anti korrasami by canerakcay on. See more ideas about mako legend of korra, legend of korra and korra. Mako and korra are together up until halfway through the run, but are always bickering korra asks for advice and mako tries to be the good boyfriend and tell her what she wants to hear and then she gets mad. Korra makes her way to republic city to learn airbending from master tenzin, yada yada, if youve seen the first season of korra thats what most of this is going to be, if you want to get straight to the action of the au your gonna have to wait for book 2 which isnt titled yet, hopefully, everyone is on character and that my writing isnt. The legend of korra s 2 e 5 peacekeepers recap tv tropes. Korra is the main protagonist of the series and is the main love interest of asami sato. Book two of korra was originally intended to be animated entirely by studio.

In book 1 they kinda broke up but mako didnt really explain himself to her and now in book 2 he explains korra that he broke up with her but doesnt explain asami why did he lie to korra about their breakup why did he hurt her again because she was visibly hurt. When asami and korra first met, it was through mako. Mako and korra wouldve worked if mako had the same dedication as asami. The third season of the animated television series the legend of korra, titled book three.

Asami had started dating korra s friend mako after. I wouldnt say it was as frustrating, but its pretty close in book two. Change, was created by michael dante dimartino and bryan konietzko, and consists of thirteen episodes chapters, all animated by studio mir. Id argue book 1 fluffs korra s arc by the end and her growth feels kinda forgotten about in favour of aang fixing everything. You the part in the episode where mako tells korra that they have no room for their relationship in season 2 episode 5 of the legend of korra. After more than a year of waiting, the legend of korra is back with book two. He loved her, she was amazing, he was lucky to have her. Though i feel like the whole confession thing was kind of early and that their whole relationship was sort of rushed. While i never shipped mako and korra together nor them with anyone else sorry, korrasami and masami fans, seeing their relationship unravel managed to make me. No spoilers should we keep continuing to blame mako for. People complain that we dont see mako and asami break up, but when did we see mako and asami get together. Why the legend of korra isnt as good as we hoped october 10th, 2014 by oren ashkenazi.

To the chagrin of everyone present, mako failed to remind korra of their breakup and that he was dating asami. He remained secretive about his break up to his friends, not wanting to talk about it. Yin enters the room with tu and she runs, worried, to the prince, yelling mako for. What angers me is that asami, again, didnt get a proper explanation from mako. In his subsequent reunion with korra, who through an encounter with an evil spirit forgot she broke up with mako, korra kissed mako in front of asami, bolin, tenzin, lin, bumi and kya. Her relationship with korra didnt start well, since korra was jealous of asamis relationship with her then love interest mako. When korra and mako broke up the first time due to argument, mako didnt remind korra about it when she lost her memory. Later, mako stared sadly at a photo of him and korra, reminiscing on the good times he had with her.

The legend of korra newbie recap s1 finale the mary sue. After witnessing korra in the avatar state, mako looked up at her in awe, opening his. Bolin, after book 1, gets different love interests throughout the show but the girl he ends up with a relative of toph is shown to be a good match for him and adds important. Bolin is outraged when mako and asami seem to be dating again, just days after mako had broken up with korra. And the way mako and korra broke up was artificial. Korra breaks up with mako more maturely because you know korra does have a character arc guys in book 2 which is kind of the point of her acting so immaturely in book 2. The legend of korra, which ended in 2014, transcended the boundaries of animated tv for young audiences. Many news outlets, bloggers, and fans picked up on this and didnt find it ambiguous. Especially since a large part of the fanbase would see that as rather karmic. Makorra alternate book 2 ending, a legend of korra fanfic. More about mako makos main article history book one. He needed to talk to her again, as soon as the both of them cooled down.

And also how he easily moved on with asami after the break up also showed the level of love he had for korra. Soon after their break up, korra was attacked by a dark spirit, which caused her to lose part of her memory, including her split with mako. However when we look at asami she was ready to leave everything just to go the the southern water tribe with korra. When korra was suspecting asamis dad of being evil mako threatened to end their friendship. But thats totally understandable, i mean, there was a crowd around them. I guess part of me wanted to forget about the break up too mako replied. As such, she ran up to him and kissed him when he was released from prison, telling him how much she had missed him. Wastetimeandtypes avatar blog so another au i came up. Amused, she commented that he got off easy compared to her break up with tenzin.

Korra and mako venture aboveground, disguised as equalist guards, to stay updated on what amons been doing. How the legend of korra subverted animated tv norms fandom. A few days later, mako was getting ready for the day. Mako s own words rang in his ears, barely aware of lins brand of dry sympathy. This is almost entirely the summary of his and korras break up. Korra leaves for the fire nation to find help and gets swallowed by a dark spirit.

Korra, mako, bolin, and asami are all friends and work together. Since mako was 8 when his parents died and bolin was 6 mako is 2 years older than bolin, therefore, since mako is currently 19 bolin is probably 17 or 16 12. In the legend of korra, the first three books take place over the course of a year and book four has a. Korra and mako have been together for a while after mako broke a promise to asami. After book 2 end of season 1 mako and korra officially break up. I was really sad and upset when i saw korra s face when they broke up and i am a boy adn 15 years old lol but yeah how do you guys feel about that. Tlalok community that provides avatar fans with up to. When korra and mako initially broke up over issues related to the bombing at the city police station, lin, finding an overturned table, demanded to know what happened.

Writers keep doing this as a cheap way to increase dramatic tension, but there wasnt any reason for their breakup at all. However, they eventually became friends and asami didnt resent korra when mako broke up with her to be with korra. After zaheer nearly kills her in book three, korra spends much of book four trying to recover. Thankfully, at least mako seems to be uncertain if he wants to get back together with korra again and bolin using mako s advice about breaking up against him, so thisll be ok if mako really does break up with korra. Korra and asami meet at the party in book 1 and become friends without any jealously like korra broke into the probending arena and was immediately kicked out. Makos own words rang in his ears, barely aware of lins brand of dry sympathy. Bumi gets his own rabbit dragonfly spirit companion. As much as i want bolin to be with korra, it looks like it probably wont happen since he gets a new love interest in book 2. It was a douche move on makos part not trying to hate against mako, hes one of my favorite characters. The legend of korra videos korra and mako break up. Mako starts sortof dating asami, then korra comes back. The plot with mako being the only one with a brain was resolved in a pretty unsatisfying way. Makorra avatar korra fb page i did like this ship, even if mako was kind of dense for like, half the season. But the plot of tlok happens generally the same without mako and bolin.

After korra and mako s break up, she never felt awkwardness with h. Mako always wore his signature red scarf that was once his fathers, who was murdered along with his mother when he was a boy. Hey guys its megakkmaster here and today i show you mako and korra s break up. Shes offering no resolution, no promise that things will be better this time, but its a beginning of some kind and he latches onto it like its his only. I just broke up with the avatar, a legend of korra fanfic. Instead of treating ptsd as a pop culture trope, the series used korra s journey to. Korra mako avatar mako avatar korra avatar break up. Granted, the feeling doesnt seem to be as strong as it was a few years ago but they are still there watch book 3 break up for real conversation. Legend of korra mako is still in love with korraspoilers reddit. Before you say something like it was out of love, anyone would have appreciated being told the truth. Asami tried to find out where she stood but mako, not wanting to let asami down, often tried to shake off his feelings for korra to be loyal to asami, asami did pick up on the issue though and the two finally broke up for good due to it.

The legend of korra korra and mako break up facebook. Revisiting book two with my older sister and accompanying my roommate for her first viewing of the series, the legend of korra manages to remain relevant in my life, along with its predecessor, avatar. That is an appropriate age for bolin cause he dated korra who is 17 years old. Mako is a firebender from a multicultural family who grew up on the streets of republic city as an orphan with his younger brother, bolin.

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