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Mcus team with fpgas to boost embedded designs performance dramatic improvements in fpga cost, performance, and power consumption. Kintex7 fpga connectivity targeted reference design xilinx. The equivalent capacitance seen by the output driver for the routing and. You can even save time by importing xilinx power estimator output files to get system. The tutorial describes the basic steps involved in taking a small example design from rtl to implementation, estimating power through the different stages, and using simulation data to enhance the accuracy of the power analysis. Skoll is an easy to use usb fpga module with ddr3 sdram featuring xilinx kintex 7 fpga. An allinone solution, the op5707 combines the power of a xilinx virtex7. Supported excel version on windows 7 or later, download link. It seems to me that just given the fabrication process, the kintex 7 fpgas consume much less power than the virtexii fpgas when each are configured with the same amount of logic. How to estimate ultrascale device power using xpe xilinx. Power supply ramp time symbol description conditions min max units. The equivalent capacitance seen by the output driver for the routing. For ultrascale device design, most of the steps are similar to 7 series.

Low, medium, high power consumption based on your logic utilization and switching frequencies. Pmp6776 is a lowcost nonisolated synchronous buck power supply. This design uses tps56121 and tps54620 synchronous buck converters and tps54425 and tps54225 stepdown switchers to generate 7 outputs. Xilinx chose ti as the power solution vendor to power kintex 7 fpga along with other analog solution from ti. The devices can also be scaled for artix fpga and zynq soc. First, i have to register an account just to get the software. How to estimate ultrascale device power using xilinx power estimator xpe, 05082014.

Table 7 shows the mi nimum current, in additi on to i ccq, that are required by kintex 7 devices for proper power on and configuration. Now i am under the understanding that the development software for this very expensive board is from 2017. Xilinx provides a suite of software tools and documentation to help you. The xilinx power estimator xpe spreadsheet is a power. Below you will find a host of useful tools that will facilitate your design efforts. The complete power supply ensures high performance and system robustness in all aspects of the design. The xilinx power estimator xpe is a spreadsheet based tool that helps you achieve this. Kintex ultrascale, virtex ultrascale, virtex 7, kintex 7, artix 7. The following document is a preliminary design for power solutions for xilinx ultra scale 20nm 16nm kintex and virtex fpgas by international rectifier. Vivado design suite tutorial power analysis and optimization. You will find schematic and bill of material fo the solution xilinx used on the development kits. Xilinx ug927 kintex7 fpga connectivity targeted reference. Learn how to use the tools available to perform power analysis on ultrascale devices and how to estimate power for designs migrated from 7 series fpgas. The kintex 7 represents the pinnacle of that technology.

Xilinx invented the fpga in 1988 and has delivered stateoftheart fpga technology ever since. Powercompass supports over 200 fpgas, including builtin templates for xilinx fpga families. Analog devices has worked closely with xilinx and strategic xilinx partners to develop proven solutions for xilinx based systems. Design recommendations based on your power estimator results. Chapter1 overview introduction the xilinx power estimator xpe spreadsheet is a power estimation tool typically used in the predesign and preimplementation phases of a project. Align the three metal standoffs on the bottom side of the module with the three. Xpe estimates the power consumption of your design at any stage during the design cycle. Select the design scenario that best meets the needs of your application to find custom power solutions for xilinx kintex 7 fpgas. Utilize the tools below to find your power supply solution for the following fpga families. Xilinx power estimator xpeuse cases for xilinx ultrascale kintex virtex. Less than one year after announcing the 7 series 28 nm fpgas, xilinx shipped the worlds first 28 nm fpga device, the kintex 7. The kintex7 family is ideal for applications including 3g and 4g wireless, flat panel displays, and video over ip solutions. After completing this 35minute course you will be able to. The xilinx power estimator xpe spreadsheet is a power estimation tool.

Vivado design suite tutorial power analysis and optimization ug997 v2015. Also learn how to operate the xilinx power estimator. How to select the right power solution for your fpga or. Xilinx ug883 kintex7 fpga kc705 evaluation kit getting. Combined with a fullfeatured evaluation board and xilinx ise design suite software, the reference designs also facilitate the integration of solutions from an ecosystem of readily available thirdparty addon hardware and ip. The powercompass tool helps you design your power supply in minutes, giving you tools to find intersil parts that match your requirements, set up multiple rails if needed, perform highlevel system analysis and generate reference design files. The portfolios diversity allows you to select from an array of innovative solutions in an effort to meet your unique system needs. If the current minimums show n in table 6 and table 7 are met, the device powers on after all five supplies. With each generation, xilinx broadens its power reduction capabilities, ranging from process enhancements, architectural innovations, aggressive voltage scaling strategies, and advanced software optimization strategies.

The kintex 7 embedded kit includes the components of the kintex7 kc705 base evaluation kit plus all additional soft content that embedded designers need to quickly design their highperformance embedded systems. Flagship realtime digital simulator simulation tools op5707. Xilinx en179 kintex 7 fpga xc7k480t ces9937 errata, errata. Advantages of xilinx 7 series fpga and soc devices. Some algorithms in software such as intelligent clock gating. For estimating the power consumption, used xpe but it does not have ffg901 and ffg1156 package options for xc7k480t. Virtex 7 fpga parametric search power cross reference. The kintex 7 family is ideal for applications including 3g and 4g wireless, flat panel displays, and video over ip solutions. Kintex 7 fpgas provide your designs with the best priceperformancewatt at 28nm while giving you high dsp ratios, costeffective packaging, and support for mainstream standards like pcie gen3 and 10 gigabit ethernet. Install the gtx transceiver power module by plugging it into connectors j66 and j97. It accepts design information through simple design wizards, analyzes them and provides a detailed power and thermal information. Xilinx virtex7 power solutions renesas electronics.

Scalable power solutions for xilinx ultra scale fpgas. Seven steps to an accurate worstcase power estimation using. In march 2011, xilinx introduced the zynq7000 family, which integrates a complete arm cortexa9 mpcore processorbased system on a 28 nm fpga for system architects and embedded software developers. An accurate worstcase power analysis early on helps users avoid the pitfalls of overdesigning or under designing the power or cooling system. Evaluation board require a xilinx kintex 7 fpga kc705 evaluation kit. With the compact form factor and io accessibility on industry standard 2.

Going from a nm process to a 40nm process will result in more than a 50% power consumption reduction for both static and dynamic power based on figure 2 of xilinx. Power comparison snapshots sheet 7 series and zynq7000 only. Description the kintex 7 fpga connectivity kit trd graphical user interface may not show power number plots. Flexible communications and expansion the kintex 7 fpga kc705 evaluation kit provides a flexible framework for. An ecosystem of readily available thirdparty addon hardware and ip can be leveraged to further accelerate projects.

You can even save time by importing xilinx power estimator output files to get system efficiency. Xilinx kintex7 power solutions renesas electronics. The device family features a perfect balance of fpga fabric clock rate performance versus power consumption, highspeed io, capacity, security, and reliability. Hi, we have selected kintex 7 xc7k480t1fbgffgxx for the new design. International rectifiers power solution shown is targeted for xilinx ultra scale fpgas. Xilinx fpga products represent a breakthrough in programmable system integration. Linux on the xilinx kc705 kintex 7 fpga development board this guide provides some stepbystep instructions on how to build a microblaze linux kernel image for the adfmcomms1 fmc board connected to an kc705. This includes the embedded targeted reference design and relevant tools such as vivado design suite.

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