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Truck driving simulator for cdl shelly truck driving school. Safe driving workshops if your company or school is planning a safety day or large event, a simulator can be used for imparting safe driving tips and to show the ramifications of bad driving habits texting, reaching for an item, tailgating, speeding, drunk driving with beer. Revolutionary new features such as realtime violation tracking, the web companion program married with pre and post assessment drives allow you to prove the transfer of learning. Our clients can schedule time in our driver development lab with one of our own coaches whom have thousands of hours of ontrack and insim experience. Carnetsoft car driving simulator for training, assessment and research.

The simulators can be set up so teens can drive one of the scenarios while an instructor introduces distractions. Feb 23, 2019 a simulationbased driver training system for major companies hopes to change teen driving culture with a new xbox title for the masses. This simulator is portable using a trailer with ramp and is suitable for driving schools and high. The centerpiece of our program is a 6seat simulator. Regional trucking companies regularly use our simulator to provide additional training for their drivers. Distracted driver simulator rentals driving simulation training. Truck driver simulators faacs truck driver training simulator is unlike any other training, testing or development tool available today. Our simulators feature the latest technological developments to achieve realistic motion and car control systems. Simulators rent service, simulators rent events car simulators rent.

A virtual validation space to test or manipulate factors that affect the performance of the driver, the road environment, driver satisfaction and vehicle technology. However, because driver training on the road has a number of distinct disadvantages, learning to drive in a car simulator is better in terms of training efficiency. This is similar to the hundreds of driving simulators used in high schools and driver training schools for training new drivers before they hit the streets. Driving simulators available for hire or purchase from safe drive.

A professional truck simulator for cdl schools, truckload carriers, fleets, municipalities and vocational vehicle operators. Driving related incidents are the single biggest risk to safety in your organisation in or out of work. Police driver training police pursuit driving training faac. Ckas mechatronics produces the worlds most sophisticated driver training motion simulators by far. It demonstrates the dangerous effects of duidwi driving, such as delayed response to controls and narrowing of the effective field of view tunnel vision. The driving simulator software costs 2500 euro, which is a fraction of the cost of comparable research driving simulator software licences.

This solution integrates several networked simulation components for a true multilevel, fullcycle, immersive training experience that will convincingly. Benefits to simulated learning simulated practice has aided learners for years in honing their skills to best prepare them for the real world. Download our driving simulator brochure safe drive training. Our units are fully engineered and developed to professional international standards. Cxc simulators can be used as a tool for driving instruction as well as flight training and are available for purchase, lease or event rentals. Our simulators can help build safety threat awareness in drivers by exposing them to a variety of unpredictable hazards, including deer and pedestrians in the safety of our office. It features hundreds of driving scenarios to help target specific driving challenges our students face. Distracted driving simulators give more of a realistic approach to teaching without the consequence. Handson practice parallel parking, merging, passing, and more in a virtual automatic car.

Training provided by a commercial driving simulator is safer and more cost effective than traditional ontheroad training. With the epidemic of distracted driving, its critical for the safety of high school drivers, college drivers, delivery drivers, and our community. Having realised the cost benefit of using simulators for training and testing, major vehicle manufacturers oems are now actively setting up training institutes using driving simulators. Our advanced simulators are being used for driver training, for research purposes. The sdt182 and sdt183 simulators can also be used with driver training software or as a racecar simulation platform. Provides safe behind the wheel experience in scanning and recognizing hazards. We can setup live telemetry output using industry standard software to help you get the very most out of your personal and cars. Its highly recommended to buy all hardware computer, monitors, steering. Using our driving simulators, students can start training for all types of driving starting at age 14, before the learners permit.

Your onestop shop for all things related to driver training products. Driving simulators are being used worldwide to safely train new car and truck drivers. Jul 31, 2015 this promotional video shows the features of our sdt183 driving simulator frame and the city car driving enterprise edition software. Virage simulation designs and manufactures driving simulator systems and courseware including our award winning golden tm training programs for cdl. We can also accommodate for reallife driver training in a wide range of virtual motor vehicles, from modern formula, gt, touring and rally cars to various historic and classic incarnations. Tmi offers an extensive range of car and light delivery vehicle ldv simulators, for both learner and advanced driving. Booking the next tour of schools now so contact for more info. Give us a call to schedule simulator time for your team. We also provide custom solutions for specific vehicles and training needs. If you are looking to prepare for a track day and are seeking a complete training experience then look no further than ricmotech driving simulator rentals. Race simulator rental for promotions, exhibitions and events. Drunk driving simulator dui simulator dwi simulator. Our simulators are used mostly by driving schools for training purpose conducting initial driver training program wherein the student can practice on both entry and advanced training exercises. Also, driver training in a car is relatively cheap, so the cost benefits of using a driving simulator for driver training are more limited compared to learning to fly an aircraft.

Driving simulators for invehicle driver training drive square. Formula 1 drivers use the batak as a training tool too. We produce serious entertainment systems, racing driver training systems, and domestic and commercial driver training simulators. Portable driving simulators that allow training and testing drivers in the field, not just at. About drive square driving simulation our mission to make simulation training available to every driver thereby reducing accidentrelated costs and saving lives motor vehicle accidents in the us currently take over 40,000 lives every year. Schools seeking a professional simulator for novice training. Using a driving simulator for training allows you to expose your drivers to various challenging and hazardladen scenarios in a controlled environment. In addition to testing your research questions and helping you to make valuable contributions to science and create publications, this research instrument is very suitable for education and training of. Driving simulators replicate actual driving experiences through all types of scenarios that include vehicle handling, scanning and hazard detection, parallel. The continuum of training is a complete set of training simulators for law enforcement officers and first responders, customized around your communities needs and vital characteristics. Driving simulators for invehicle driver training the drive square simulation system is a driving simulator that allows trainees to drive in a real car on a virtual road. Defensive driving simulator training srp environmental. Sdt183 driving simulator with city car driving enterprise.

Bernax takes care of promotions with real formula 1 look and feel. If you want a lowcost turnkey driving simulator from mechanical simulation, you can get carsim ds or trucksim ds. Driversity offers professional, practical and affordable solutions to keep you on the road, safely. Virtual hd is a voice controlled, interactive simulationbased driver safety program designed to improve hazard recognition skills, lower accident rates. South australian police for high school driver safety programs. Virtual driver interactive driver training simulator. Vdi has been an outstanding partner to work with offering a virtual training product that truly engages kids. Driversity offers professional, practical and affordable. Simulator driver training defensive and advanced driving. Distracted driver simulator rentals driving simulation.

Firesim fire truck driving simulator accurately simulates emergency vehicle operations and are costeffective training system for firefighters and emergency responders. Reduce teen driver error by practicing defensive driving in complex. Yes and i believe so in a number of productive ways. We have various racing simulator rental arrangements available to help you become a better driver. Next level racing wheel stand dd for direct drive wheels.

Virtual driving essentials is not just a driving simulator, it is a completely immersive virtual learning experience designed for teen drivers to learn and refine critical skills essential to safe driving. Provides handson, experiential training for first responders, offering experience without risks to people or equipment. A driving simulator from the company foerst becomes the. About driving simulators for training police, fire. Our headquarters in miami, fl is outfitted with one of our stateoftheart simulators in a dedicated training room available to those drivers looking to prep for a race weekend or those simply looking to make the most out of a track day. After passing joshuas law in 2005, i worked with vdi to put simulators in schools throughout the state of georgia increasing the number of students taking driver education by 450% and reducing teen deaths by 20%.

Rent cxc simulations racing simulators cxc simulations. Race simulator rental for promotions, exhibitions and events where the f1 feeling comes really close. Apart from typical traffic situations driving simulators can also simulate dangerous. Can an xbox driving game actually make a teen more cautious. Better training in less time voice controlled, simulationbased corporate fleet driver safety program virtual hdtm is the premier product in vdis voice integrated training portfolio designed specifically for corporate fleets of any size. May 04, 2020 for oems, driver intheloop simulation will play a greater role in the development of new products. Our headquarters in miami, fl is outfitted with one of our stateoftheart simulators in a dedicated training room available to those drivers looking to prep for a. One simple decision is vdis attitudes and behavior based driver training program. Drunk driving simulator can be rented for a safety event at your school. Lowcost car driving simulator software for driver training, driver distraction, fitness.

More importantly, the simulationbased driver safety training has considerably reduced accident rates in the suncoast district during our trial period. The compact, ergonomic design of the firesim driving simulator replicates emergency vehicle driving compartment. We offer superb customer service and support to make sure you are behind the wheel of. Mobile training simulator operates in kingaroy, lockyer valley and brisbane. Foerst driving simulators for cars, trucks and buses. Driving simulators for training police, fire, ambulance, drunk. To learn how the simulator at shelly truck driving school can help you become a better truck driver, give us a call at 8447435591 or use our online form.

Everyone should learn to drive in a simulator the verge. Our state of the art simulator has something for everyone. Driving simulators, racing simulators, car simulators. Carnetsoft car driving simulator for training, assessment and.

Vdis driving simulators have proven to be a costeffective and engaging way to provide refresher training before and after accidents to our postal carriers and tractortrailer operators. Professional driving simulators for trucks, cars, buses and specialty vehicles for driver training, rehabilitation, evaluation and research. Our coaches use full data analysis to help the beginning driver learn basic race driving. Safe driving workshops if your company or school is planning a safety day or large event, a simulator can be used for imparting safe driving tips and to show the ramifications of bad driving habits texting, reaching for an. Carsim and trucksim are being used in a wide variety of driving simulators. Teach dangers of distracted driving and learn how to lower crash rates with our simulationbased driver safety training for teen drivers and corporate fleets. The simulator can also be used for bad weather driving training, safety threat awareness training, or manual transmission training. Let your customers experience the realistic possibilities of simulator racing at your show, promotion or workshop or use a simulator f1 car to draw the crowds during an event. Using driving simulators to navigate the new normal. The simulation based impaired and distracted driver program was designed and proven to stop destructive driving behaviors. We also provide custom solutions for specific vehicles.

If you want to enjoy the best simulation experience, we offer you our simbase simulators range, to feel at firsthand a real race driver training. Racing car simulator hire for corporate events, product launches, trade shows. Get the best deals on driving simulator and upgrade your gaming setup with the largest online selection at. We can also accommodate for reallife driver training in a wide range of. Sustaining and developing the uks future road network requires deep understanding of customer satisfaction, safety and performance. Young drivers live through real life consequences of driving distracted or impaired. We offer superb customer service and support to make sure you are behind the wheel of your favorite formula 1, gt or rally car for as much time as possible. We work in close collaboration with clients to deliver high fidelity simulation based training to operators of oversized vehicles throughout the united states at their location. This simulator is now in use by police, high schools. It provides an indoor virtual platform which helps the students to improve their driving skills. A drunk driving simulator allows a student to drive in a simulated drunk mode. First, the trainee sets his vehicle up on a pair of turnplates. Commercial driving simulator jacksonville truck driver. Our simulators feature the vehicles real controls, accurate geospecific terrains, automated traffic, virtual instructor and automated assessments.

For parents who are too nervous to practice with their teen, simulator lessons can help train them without any risk. Says gupta, the market for driver training simulators is now rolling. Safe driving workshops if your company or school is planning a safety day or large event, a simulator can be used for imparting safe driving tips and to show the ramifications of bad driving habits texting, reaching for an item, tailgating, speeding, drunk driving with beer goggles. Some simulators can project onto a screen so more students can view at one time. Vlakveld et al, 2003 described how driver simulators can best be used for basic driver training, and emphasized not the technical requirements, but rather the didactical requirements and the. Driving simulators are available to participating schools on a firstcome, firstserved basis. Whether you are looking to improve safety training or provide remedial training for your drivers, you can rent time on our simulator and help your fleets drivers sharpen their skills. Our goal is to significantly improve the safety of the nations highways and byways through our stateoftheart driver training services.

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